Culture is the neat little ribbon that ties your company together. It contributes to everything you do, from how you weave together your values and purpose, to how you cultivate continuous business growth.

With an effective culture, you’ll increase employee engagement, happiness and profitability. It sounds like every HR expert’s dream, right?

However, integrating the right company culture ideas isn’t a simple afternoon task. It takes a lot of thought and a bit of heart, too.

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What company culture isn’t

It’s easy to spend your time and money on HR gimmicks that don’t directly boost employee performance and happiness, such as ‘pizza Fridays’ (even if everyone does love pizza). As much as these fun activities look good in job descriptions, it’s important that you also create a broader philosophy and guidelines.

As the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t expect your culture to be either.

So, what company culture ideas should you be investing in? Here are three great examples to get you started.

1. Define and document a culture for everyone

Company culture isn’t the product of a ten-minute meeting between the HR team and the C-suite.

Instead, your culture should be built by everyone, for everyone.

The first step is to set up a company-wide meeting and bounce ideas off one another. Use this as an opportunity to:

  • Discuss which existing aspects of the business staff feel proud of – either across the table or through an automated process, such as an employee Net Promoter Score
  • Give your employees a safe space to voice constructive feedback and ideas
  • Allow everyone to voice their ideas and feel heard
  • Brainstorm a company purpose that’s not focused solely on profit, but employee development too
  • Create a living, breathing culture document full of ideas and resources that you can access at any time (and try to review it every six months)

The more your employees see themselves in your company culture, the more likely they’ll remain loyal to your business.

2. Reward compassion and encourage volunteer work

You don’t have to confine your culture to the office. Your organization can foster and reward compassion outside of everyday work, too.

A good way to promote employee loyalty and ‘doing good’ is to invest in a volunteering scheme. This could mean rewarding team members with gift cards or prizes for their out-of-hours volunteer work or offering paid volunteering days.

To foster a collaborative atmosphere, you may also want to organize team volunteering events. But whether it’s a beach litter clean or an afternoon dishing out food at a homeless shelter, the decision is up to you!

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3. Offer flexible working initiatives

We’re a world of homebodies. So much so, that 70 percent of people globally work from home at least one day of the week.

Flexible working is desirable for much of today’s workforce, but it’s also good for your business performance, too. That’s because remote working boosts employee productivity and happiness – in turn, helping your organization meet deadlines and targets.

More than this, however, is the flexibility to expand. Home working accommodates a growing, global workforce, allowing your company to set its sights higher than a single brick and mortar office.

Commit to cultivating your company culture ideas

Ultimately, your culture is the roots of your organization. Without it, you’re no different to anyone else in the marketplace. For this reason, it’s important that your culture remains flexible and evolves over time to accommodate change and strengthen your company.

This involves consistent refactoring, commitment from both employees and stakeholders, and the right tools for the job. Get it right and the process will begin to feel natural and progressive. The result? A durable culture that gets the most of your workforce, promotes loyalty and helps you conquer your business goals.

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